September 19 – White Cap

I past the last hundred mile market (2100 miles!!!). I am about 1/2 way through the wilderness and on top of White Cap Mt. Looking forward to Katahdin.




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September 18 – Less Than 100 Miles

I have less than 100 miles to complete the hike. I ended the day with just 85.9 miles left if the adventure.

The Barren Ledges were particularly beautiful with a great 360 vista.

Very excited to finish up this fantastic trek through 14 states.



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September 17 – Day #1 in the Wilderness

I started my trek across the 100 mile wilderness today. I hope to cross the wilderness in 6 or 7 days. It is call a wilderness because there are no towns and only a few roads in the area.

On day one I saw beautiful ponds and waterfalls. I got to ford to steams – these are fun but the water is ice cold.

The hike is coming to a conclusion but I long to be back home. Thanks so much for following and I hope to update as often as possible all the way to Katahdin.





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September 15 – Pleasant Pond Mt

I had a great day of hiking out of Caratunk toward Monson. Hobbit joined RaceWalker and myself for an 18 mile trek across Pleasant Pond Mountain and Moxie Bald Mountain. We hav camped at Moxie Bald Mt. Lean-to for the night (mile 2052.9). The view from Pleasant Pond Mt. and the beautiful pond just down from the shelter are attached.



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September 14 – Caratunk, ME

I had a great breakfast at the Pierce Campsite and then we headed out to the Kennebec River. This river is so deep and wide that the AT provided a ferry service – a canoe and a guide to get hikers safely across. RaceWalker and I shuttled together and made it safely across in about 15 min.

After the river crossing we were less than one mile to Caratunk. I had mailed myself a food drop to a hostel in this town so we stopped to pick it up and spend the rest of the day taking a breather. No cell phone service here so I will save this until I can post.




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Cold morning – overcast all day but no rain until we reached our camp (we are staying in a cabin at Harrison’s Pierce Pond Camp).

Photos are of the Pierce Pond, the stream and the cabin as we as the hike over the rocks to get to the camp.

Looking forward to taking the ferry across the Kennebec River and a resupply at Caratunk.





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September 12

No cell phone service yesterday. I had uptake a zero day at a shelter – bad rain. On the trail today – climbed the Bigelows – beautiful views.

The weather is quite cold. Also a caretaker at the shelter said will very little cell phone service for the rest of Maine. I will check in when I can but don’t be concerned if I am silent for several days.





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2000 miles!!!

September 10

I reached the 2000 mile marker today!! I am very excited about the milestone. I am camped at the Horns Pond Lean-to. There is a possibility of rain tonight and tomorrow so we have settled in the shelter. Please pray that God redirects the rain and provides a good hiking day tomorrow. We are scheduled to go over the Bigelow Range tomorrow and wet rocks would be very dangerous. It is also quite cold so a cold rain would make the adventure very difficult.

We climbed up both Crocker Mountains (south and north – although I called the Betty and Little Debbie) this morning and ended at a beautiful pond.





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S eptember 9 – Under 200 Miles to Go!

Today I passed the 200 mile mark left to reach Katahdin! There is no trail marker but our campsite (Crocker Cirque) is 195.5 miles from The Mountain.

Lots of beautiful trail on this cool day. I didn’t make the distance that I had hoped for but some very strenuous downhill really slowed us down.

My dad served in the CCC before WW2 and this plaque on the trail reminded me of what a wonderful man and what a special dad he was. He did not serve in Maine but I find it interesting the the CCC helped complete the Appalachian Trail




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Up & Over Saddleback

September 8

Out of Rangeley I hiked up and over three mountains: Saddleback (4120 ft), The Horn (4032) and Saddleback Junio (3655). The views (especially from Saddleback and The Horn were glorious – the rivaled the vistas if The Whites.

We pushed hard today and ended up an unmarked campsite just south of Orbeton Stream (mile 19783) – about a 13 mile hike. Considering the mountains we crossed I was pleased with the distance.





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