Chipmunk or Moose?

When I don’t have cell phone coverage I cannot attach photos to my blog. So when I get coverage on top of some mountain I have to quickly attach photos to past blogs. In order to try to correct some photo blunders over the past few days let me share some clarifications.

First – the Moose! The chipmunk was cute, but I did see a moose as well. I could not get a good photo because of the trees but if you squint and hold your head just right you can see her in the attached photo.

Second, I mentioned staying in two different huts but posted the same photo for each shelter. The Zealand Falls Hut is the one taken from an angle and Mizpah is photographed straight on.

I have been hiking over the Whites with a fellow thru-hiker RaceWalker. We met in Hanover and have hiked together since then. He is my age but I have him beat in height. I have attached a photo of us together atop Mt Washington.

I have posted a few other pics of a footbridge and mountain stream that reflects the beauty of NH under the canopy.

Today I am resting in Gorham NH and will be back on the trail on Friday. Thanks for all your support and prayers. God is faithful!!!







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Moose #1

August 27

I climbed over Mt Madison to in the fog with 47 mile an hour wind. Mt Madison is above tree line so it was a rock scramble. It was definitely the most unnerving day of the hike.

After we finally climbed down below the tree line the day cleared and the sun was beautiful.

Close to the end of the day I saw my first moose! She was feeding leisurely in the woods so I watched her for a while and then moved on. I was thrilled




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Mount Washington!!

I made it to Mount Washington (August 26) and it is a glorious day! What a special day and the mountain is incredible. God is faithful.




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August 24 -Zealand Falls

Wonderful sunny day for a hike in the Whites. I climbed over Mt Garfield this morning – going down was quite an experience – steep and then climbing down a cascading stream.

Stopped at the Galehead Hut around noon and had some great soup and muffins.

Made it to Zealand Falls Hut (mile 1832) around 5:30. I got there in time for a “Work For Stay” I get to stay in the hut in exchange for some work – I am hoping for some left over dinner and breakfast in the morning.



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August 25 – Mt Webster and Jackson

I was able to hike about 14 miles today as I climbed over Mt Webster and Mt Jackson. The terrain is incredibly hard but the views from the top are truly amazing.

I made it to Mizpah Hut and they were open to Work and Stay so I am excited about the meal and warm floor to sleep on for the night.

I am hiking with another 64 year old man (RaceWalker). He and I walk about the same pace. We met in Hanover and have hiked through the Whites together. We are watching out for one another on the trail.



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August 23 – Incredible Day in the Whites

Too many pictures to choose from today. I hiked passed the Lonesome Lake Hut (photo of lake) and over Little Haystack, Mt. Lincoln, and Mt Lafayette – all of which are above tree line. The views are just incredible.

There was No cell phone yesterday so this is an early morning post.





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August 22 – Wolf Mt. and 1800 Miles

Nice hike today but foggy, misty, and a little rainy day. I have no vista pictures because all I could see from the lookouts was white midst.

I passed the 1800 mile mark today!!! Ended the day at 1807.4

I was able to hike over two mountains (Mt Wolf and Kinsman Mt) and travel 11.6 miles. It was a very difficult trek – lots of incline making both the up and down very strenuous.



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August 21 – Mt Moosilauke

I left this morning from Glencliff with one major objective – climb up and over Mt Moosilauke. I made it! The climb up was difficult but the hike down the other side was extremely steep – my prayer life improved during the journey.

The vista from the top was absolutely indescribable. I needed to take a video because a still picture just couldn’t capture it.

On the steep trip down the mountain I followed a cascading waterfall for a mile.





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August 20 – Day 3 in NH.

I hiked just a short day today and stopped at Glencliff, NH in order to resupply and rest up for the Whites.

I hiked past a great pond (see looking for Bullwinkle without success) this morning. The second photo is just a picture of the trail in NH. It is one of the few flat areas but it reflects the beauty of the state.

Glencliff is less than 400 miles from Katahdin!!! (Just 398.7 miles to go but the hardest miles of the entire hike).




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August 19 – Day Two in NH

August 19 was a great day to hike in New Hampshire. It was also another day of poor cell phone service so I will be posting this as soon as AT&T will allow.

I started my day in the fog and mist. After about an hour I had hiked above the mist and had a great view of the valley below filled up with clouds like a vanilla ice cream cone.

By mid afternoon I had climbed Mt Cube – a rocky top peak with a great view of the state of NH.

Ended up at mile 1779.3 at a camp site just perfect for my tent. Thanks for your continued pray.




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