Special Student Visit

HikeItForward-Final-SmallI had a student set up an appointment to see me today in my office. She came in, sat down, and presented me with an envelope holding a financial gift for my hike.  She explained that she had made some brownies, had a bake sale and wanted her profits to go to Hike It Forward.  She said she wanted to change her world and to help me change mine. I was so thrill to hear the spirit of this young woman. She quickly wanted to know how she could pray for me and if there were other ways that she could help. She said she is planning on putting aside a portion of each of her paychecks to further support my efforts – how cool is that!!

We took some time to just share about life and I continued to be inspired by this student’s life, her love for her school, the impact of her mother and her grandmother in her experience, and the career of service that she desires to pursue.  Her love for the Lord and her desire to see the school grow refreshed my heart and made me smile. As we talked, I could not help but think that she represents the reason for my hike – it is for students, just like her, that our school exists. If my hike will provide for students like this to attend the school, my joy will be complete.  As I sit here writing these words, I am so blessed by this encounter.  The financial gift is so appreciated but the heart and motivation behind it is priceless. What a blessing!

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