Long Way Home

A.T. Steven Curtis ChapmanSteven Curtis Chapman has written a wonderful song call “Long Way Home.” I heard the song for the first on the radio driving in the car (I know…I should have been hiking, not driving) and I couldn’t believe the lyrics of the thru-hiker. I have adopted it as my theme song – I reflect on the words and whistle the tune in the quietness of the trail. In your mind picture the long hike ahead as you read the first verse and chorus:

“I set out on a great adventure, the day my Father started leading me home. He said, ‘There’s gonna be some mountains to climb and some valleys we’re gonna go through’.

But I had no way of knowing, just how hard the journey could be, cause the valleys are deeper and the mountains are steeper than I ever would have dreamed.

But I know we’re gonna make it. I know we’re gonna get there soon. And I know sometimes it feels like we’re going the wrong way. It’s just the long way home!”

I watched and listened to the youtube video below several times and then went out and bought Mr. Chapman’s 2011 CD  Re:Creation. What great music – I would recommend it to all! Thank you Mr. Chapman!



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