What is Vitamin I?

HikeItForward-Final-SmallReady for a few more A.T. vocabulary words? See how much you know. I will give you the “term” and you try to guess its meaning. Then I will give you the answers – score yourself. If you get all of them right, treat yourself to Starbucks. If you get 3 out 4 correct, buy yourself a Builder-A.T. CLIF Bar 2Bar (my favorite is the Chocolate Peanut Butter – made by CLIF). If you guess half of the terms right, enjoy a 10 min power nap. If you ended up with just one right answer, don’t quit your day job. If you missed all the answers, please read this blog everyday and take the final exam next month. 

OK – here are the four terms. Ready?

  1. Trail Name
  2. Hiker Box
  3. Vitamin I
  4. Zero Day

Don’t look until you get a great answer for each term……………..  ok?………………….Now.

  1. Trail Name – thru-hikers rarely use their real names. Traditionally, a hiker would be nicknamed by the community as they got to know the individual. However, too many hikers disliked being called Snore Blaster, or Toad Face, or Clumsy Bill for 5-6 months, so the hiker began to choose their own nicknames – the hiker’s trail moniker. Names like Nightwalker, Raptor, Wind Catcher, AWOL, Odyssa, Neon, and Rainbow. So a trail name is a chosen nickname used by the hiker to identify him/herself.
  2. Hiker Box – a box or bin in a shelter or a hostel or an outfitter used to exchange supplies and food. If a hiker does not want the equipment any longer (the 5 pound tent is just too heavy to carry any longer; the extra flashlight is unnecessary; the off brand of trail bar tastes like dog-food, etc). When hikers can no longer continue and decide to leave the trail, they will often leave their gear and food for the benefit of others.  Sometimes you can resupply your food from the hiker box and save on your grocery bill.
  3. Zero Day – a day off from hiking. No miles are covered but a needed rest is required. A zero day is often planned for recovery from an injury or physical fatigue. Sometimes friends or family meet the hiker on the trail and time to visit and refresh result in a welcomed zero day.
  4. Vitamin I – Ibuprofen (or other pain medication). This wonderful little pill really helps with muscle pain and headache, both of which can be the cause of a long sleepless night.  This daily “vitamin” can be a lifesaver for the thru-hiker.

 How did you do? More vocabulary coming in an upcoming post. Want a teaser? What is a Web Walker?

COUNTDOWN…………………… 218 days!!

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