The Power of Water – What a Difference a Day Makes!

HikeItForward-Final-SmallI was a little discouraged when I heard the weather forecast for this weekend. Rain on Friday evening and more rain on Saturday morning. I was even more downcast when we experienced the torrential downpour on Friday – God sent some heavy clouds filled with buckets of precipitation and decided to open the floodgates on the Miami Valley. It rained quite hard for several hours. In my mind, I cancelled my hiking plans for Saturday. The morning brought drizzles and overcast skies.

However, by mid-morning the trail was calling my name. So, I grabbed Creek.C.Creek1my backpack and hopped in the car and headed for one of my favorite hiking spots – Caesars Creek. I parked at the Visitor’s Center, hiked across the dam and followed the yellow blaze in hopes of following the loop trail back to the Visitor’s Center parking lot. There is a beautiful little creek that flows by the Wellman Meadow area that makes for special walk – I love a mountain stream! The trail goes right across the creek bed with stepping stones making the crossing easy and dry.  Having hiked at the lake just a few weeks ago, I had noticed how dry the creek bed had become – just a trickle to navigate. But Saturday the small stream was a torrent. The water was so rapid and deep that I chose not to ford its fury, but to retrace the trail to more agreeable pathways.  Thursday, the creek would have been hard to even find, but Saturday it was overflowing its banks – what a difference a day makes.

Waterfall CCreek 2 Creek.C.Creek2    A few weeks ago……………                                Saturday!

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