Great Hike by the Lake

HikeItForward-Final-SmallSaturday was such a perfect day for a hike. I started out dark and early… 6:30 am. I hiked for the first half hour with my headlamp lighting my path (thanks, Mitzi, for such a practical trail light) hoping that nothing would charge out of the dark seeing me as potential breakfast. I heard an owl calling in the trees above me but no visual contact was made. I was able to make the beautiful 14-mile loop around the lake by 11:00 – the temperature was perfect and the sun revealed the morning with splendor. I so enjoyed the early morning rays shining through the trees exposing the many shades of green. I have often hiked Caesar Creek without seeing wild-life except for an occasional ground squirrel but yesterday brought me face-to-face to eight deer (two groups of three deer and one sighting of two) and the kind of snake that I love to see (about as big around as my little finger and 18 inches long).

me and bear cubsAbout 11:30 I ran into two bear cubs (two of my grandsons) who had planned to meet me for a picnic. Cathy packed a scrumptious lunch which tasted even better after 15 miles on the trail. After some play on the playground, the four of us hit the trail and hiked to “Crystal Cove,” a lakeside spot that Cathy and I named, so that the cubs could throw some rocks in the lake…. Dr.D. threw some, too.

As Cathy and the boys headed back to the car, I continued down the trail and logged in a few more miles before heading home for dinner. With a total of 25.5 miles to post in my 2013 journal, yesterday’s hike puts me at 1,317 miles in my preparation for the A.T. 

The Countdown: 209 days!

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