Kindred Spirit

HikeItForward-Final-MediumJust this past week, I had a middle school student carry a package to my office. He politely handed me the small gift bag and shared that one of the teachers, Mrs.____, had sent him down to deliver it to me. I thanked him for his servant’s heart and sent him back to class. Looking inside the bag I noticed a card and a small package. I opened the card and was thrilled to see a generous check supporting my hike along with a special note:

“Reading your daily “Hike It Forward” has given me a better understanding of your hike along the Appalachian Trail beginning April 2014. ______ (her husband) and I will pray for your safety and that you will have a wonderful godly experience. God bless you, Dave.”

What a special gift and encouragement from a faculty member who believes in me and in the ministry of our school. The fundraising effort of this hike will truly be a partnership of kindred spirits.

E. BlanketI was so impressed with the generosity of the teacher that I almost forgot the small package. Unwrapping the gift paper, I found an Emergency Blanket, one of those aluminized polyester blankets that reflect your body heat and that is wind resistant and waterproof- weight 1.7 oz. I was tickled green (pink is not for manly thru-hikers) with this gift – I had it on my list of emergency gear to obtain prior to the major hike but had not yet purchased it. What a great lightweight addition to my pack.

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