The Mighty Mount Washington

HikeItForward-Final-MediumThe highest peak (in New Hampshire). The worst weather. The fastest wind speed.

Mount Washington is often described in such superlative terms, and is always a point on the trail referenced by thru-hikers as a highlight of the journey (no adversity… no adventure).  It is one of those legendary spots that I fear the most and yet can’t wait to experience.

On a clear day, the 6,288 foot summit will give you a view that encompasses the Atlantic Ocean to the east, a view across Vermont to New York’s Adirondack Mountains toward the west, Canada in the north, and the great state of Massachusetts in the south. The summit of Mount Washington is visited by hundreds of people every day throughout the summer

Mt Washington2But don’t count on a clear day, because the Presidential Mountain Range is on the major track of several drastic storm pathways bringing severe combinations of wind and cold on a regular basis.  The average annual temperature is only 27.1°F. The temperature on the summit has never gone above 72°F.And sudden temperature changes and extreme weather variations are common on Mount Washington complete with lightning and thunder … hurricane-force wind, dense fog, driving rain, and snow occur even during the summer months. The mountain holds the world-record for wind speed of 231 mph, recorded on the summit in 1934. Although hazardous conditions do not occur every day, Mt Washington Signit is imperative that the thru-hiker be aware of the weather before attempting to hike over the peak. – will give the current weather conditions. At the time of this posting (6:00 pm, October 31, 2013) the temperature is 38.1 degrees F; the wind is at 48.9 mph; the wind gust is 63.3 mph and the windchill is 23.2 degrees F.

Photo of Mt

Photo of Sign

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4 thoughts on “The Mighty Mount Washington

  1. janloyd

    You or Cathy will have to let all of us know when and where you are when you hike…especially as you approach this area…we’ll pray!

  2. Ben

    wow, great post. 231 MPH wind … I can’t imagine.

    • That is faster than you can throw a fast ball. I would not only be concerned that my hat would fly off but also that my hair would fly off (and I don’t have very much to spare).

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