A.T. State by State – Tennessee

HikeItForward-Final-MediumTennessee exclusively claims 71 miles of the trail. On another 200 miles of the Appalachian Trail, the thru-hiker is tip-toeing along the border of North Carolina and Tennessee not knowing for sure which state he/she is in at any given point in time. I think I might just call this section North Tennolina.

I am not sure on which mountain top in Tennessee Davy Crockett was born, but somewhere along the trail I plan to hold a private birthday celebration for this huge hero in my life. I hope to sing my tribute to the ”King of the Wild Frontier” at Mountaineer Falls, TN. (400 miles into the journey) around the middle of May. I hope he won’t be too upset that I honor his 228th birthday 3 months early…and without my coonskin cap or fringe jacket (it’s the spirit that counts).

With a little bit of disappointing research, I just found out that Davy was most likely not born on a mountain top at all but in Limestone, TN. On the bright side, Limestone is only about 50 miles from Mountaineer Falls. Next thing you know, I’ll discover that he didn’t kill a bear when he was only three – I’m going stop reading before all my childhood “facts” are destroyed.

Roan MountainRoan Mountain, one of those beautiful spots that straddles the invisible line between NC and TN, often explodes with flaming Azalea bushes in shades of burnt orange and majestic yellow set in contrast against the grays and blues of the mountains in the distance. This picturesque mountain also paints its canvas with the spectacular pinks and whites of rhododendron bushes – my personal favorite flower (to date) along the trail.


Photo: http://www.learnnc.org/lp/multimedia/7764

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2 thoughts on “A.T. State by State – Tennessee

  1. Ben

    great post! I am confident that Davey really did take down that bear when he was three.

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