1,500 Miles and Still Going

HikeItForward-Final-MediumWhen I started getting serious about hiking the Appalachian Trail, I began a log of my exercise routine (January 2013).  At the time, I was just jogging and using a rowing machine. I took my first hike at Sugarcreek Metro Park on January 19th and totaled 3.1 miles for the entire outing. I  repeated that feat on January 21st for a total mileage during the month of January of 6.2 miles of hiking; 79 K on the rowing machine; and 28.8 miles of running.

February reflected a little increase in hiking (monthly total of 43 miles) and about the same rowing distance as the month before (67 K). I injured my Achilles tendons early in the month and curbed my running miles to only 8 miles. Beginning in March my hiking took precedence over other forms of preparation and I began to accumulate some distance on the trails. In Thru-Hiker WannabeMarch – 140.5 miles; April – 218.5 miles; May 187.5 miles; June – 228 miles (including my adventure in the Grand Canyon); July – 203.4 miles; August – 132.1 miles; September – 186 miles; October – 138 miles; and during the first 9 days of November – 73.4 miles. That brings my total of preparation miles to 1,538.5 miles. My goal is to hike 2,200 miles before I begin my hike of 2,200 on the A.T.

Someone recently asked me about the greatest distance I have hiked in one day. I have done three hikes of over 30 miles (32.2 miles, 30.7 miles, and 30.2 miles), 16 other day hikes of over 20 miles each, and an additional 23 hikes of over 10 miles each.

I need 662 more miles between now and April 26. My goal is to complete these miles prior to April 1, so I will need to average 32 miles per week. The weather in December, January, and February might make this goal difficult to accomplish but I am determined to try.

Please pray that I will remain healthy during this period of preparation as well as during the hike itself!

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3 thoughts on “1,500 Miles and Still Going

  1. Dan Doster

    Go Dave go!!!

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