Dayton Christian High School Chapel

HikeItForward-Final-MediumAnother fantastic day at school – I was able to present my adventure to the students at Dayton Christian High School during their chapel time. I count it such a privilege to be with them. I am always amazed at the enthusiasm, excitement, and energy that high school students can generate. The chapel began with some great music – I was to make a surprise entrance so I had to listen out in the hall. Instead of being introduced in the normal way, an incredibly gifted high school senior made a video introduction. Hannah directed, filmed, edited and produced a visual introduction portraying me as Superman, flying through the air, running faster than a bullet, wrestling the bad guys and arriving in chapel just in time to speak.

I get so excited when I share about the Appalachian Trail and my purpose behind the hike. I tried my best to share the idea of hiking forward – hiking to raise money so that lives can be changed as scholarships can be provided to Christian families. I have a real burden for the middle class family that just can’t reach the tuition responsibility and for the children of alumni. It just breaks my heart to think of past graduates of this school that really want their children to attend and yet cannot pay the price tag. I so desperately want to help these responsible young families afford a Christian education.

DCHS BuildingThe high school students have already begun to support me. Thanks to the efforts of Greg Kurtz (English teacher, Senior Class Advisor, World Changer, and personal friend) there a number of Seniors who have caught the vision of my adventure. Ashley (a student who has blessed me so much and encouraged me with her selflessness, humility, and commitment) has been having bake sales and concession stands throughout the year to help raise money for my trip. Her good friend, Alicia, has joined hands with her in the bake-off and their sweet spirit of service is priceless! Thank you, ladies.

At the end of chapel, a lovely student, Eden, led in prayer for me and presented me with some tokens of appreciation. They gave me a great shirt-jacket perfect for hiking in the cooler weather. I will wear it often and remember the students at DCHS.

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