Let it Snow!

HikeItForward-Final-MediumNo school – snow day today! It’s one of those hoped for, yet surprise vacations…. for students and teachers that is. For administrators it is a work day with the inconvenience of slippery roads. However, one of my bumper-sticker type philosophies is “no adversity…no adventure,” so I grabbed by backpack and took a hike to work. The school is 4.7 miles from home and I usually travel by foot several days a week, so the walk was not too difficult. The snow slowed me down a bit, but the walk was delightful.

snow 1I was a little surprised on the trip over this morning. The weather was supposed to be so bad today that just about every school in the area cancelled classes. But my walk up Rt. 741 and right onto Spring Valley was greeted with only a light dusting of snow and wet roads. I was beginning to think that Doppler Radar fooled us again. As I spent some time in my office, I noticed the white flakes beginning to multiply (you can only see flakes multiply at school – that’s a joke for the math department). Anyway, by the early afternoon the wisdom of closing school became evident.

snow 2The hike home was quite interesting.  The snow-covered roads, rich with icy spots, had talented and veteran drivers testing their skills and abilities. I did not see any crashes but there were lots of tires spinning while the car stood still, drivers trying to turn right while their cars continued to slide forward, and crazy old men changing lanes and passing on the left. By the time I arrived home, the world was mostly white and a winter wonderland was being created. As I turned onto my street, it hit me that I was going to need to shovel my sidewalk…in the dark. Two houses away from my front stoop, I was so blessed to see that my next door neighbor had used his snow-blower on my sidewalk as well – Kevin is such a great guy! Find something to celebrate every day: Kevin, I raise my cup of hot chocolate to your servant’s heart!

Countdown to the A.T. – 141 Days!

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