Mount Washington Temperatures/Wind

HikeItForward-Final-MediumIt has been a wild winter already in Ohio. We have cancelled school two days already because of inclement weather (should have had another today). We have experienced some single digit temperatures (usually reserved for February) and some pretty significant winds. But if you are discouraged or surprised by this significant start to our winter, remember the Appalachian Trail.

Listed below are the temperatures on top of Mount Washington, New Hampshire this past week. Notice the wind speed and the subsequent wind chill factors. The AT climbs right over the top of Mount Washington!


Monday (12/9/13) 2:00 pm

Temperature   11.8 degrees (F) Wind Speed  45.3 mph      Wind Chill  -13.4 degrees (F)

Tuesday (12/10/13) 10:30 am

Temperature  6.8 degrees (F)     Wind Speed 48.3 mph        Wind Chill  -21.1 degrees (F)

Thursday (12/12/13) 8:00 am

Temperature  -19.8 degrees (F) Wind Speed 58.8 mph        Wind Chill  -61.4 degrees (F)!!!

Friday (12/13/13) 7:00 pm

Temperature  -20.4 degrees (F) Wind Speed 52.6 mph        Wind Chill  -60.8 degrees (F) !!

Saturday (12/14/13) 6:15 pm

Temperature  1.1 degrees (F)     Wind Speed 19.8 mph       Wind Chill  -20.5 degrees (F)

Monday (12/16/13) 12:45 pm

Temperature  -12.1 degrees (F)  Wind speed 69.4 mph      Wind chill  -52,4 degrees (F)


This puts cold into perspective. I can see why thru-hikers do not attempt the A.T. in New England during the winter months.

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