Day Hikes to Work

HikeItForward-Final-MediumMy house is 4.72 miles from the Miamisburg campus of Dayton Christian School System.  I try to walk to work 2 or 3 times a week. Although it is a highway hike, I enjoy the walk both in the morning and after the work day. It gives me time (about 1 hour and 15 minutes) to think, reflect, and evaluate. Many of the world’s most critical problems and major complexities of life have been resolved during these treks – of course, no one is asking for my input and the President of the U.S. must have lost my cell phone number. But seriously, the time has been relaxing and productive. I often listen to books on CD and with almost 2 ½ hours of “reading” time, I can finish a book in about 5 to 6 round trips.

City SunriseI don’t like all the traffic and unfortunately, my path takes me right up Rt. 741 by Austin Landing. The complicated intersection of 741 and Austin Blvd is quite easy to hike through. The lights facilitate a safe footpath. Rt. 741 has some nice wide berms but with five lanes of traffic traveling at 50 mph, it is a little dangerous (the semi is more dangerous than a bear or a rattle snake). It is often dark walking to work and dark coming home. The sunrise and the sunset have both been part of my hiking exposure during the week. And no one does color better than God. I have enjoyed some very nice skies of pink, purple, gold, red and orange.

I enjoy carrying my backpack and logging in some miles with some weight on my shoulders. I am sure that the motorists feel sorry for the homeless guy walking aimlessly every morning. I had some construction workers ask me what I was doing one evening – they had noticed me walking for several days and wondered how far I was walking. So far all of the highway hikes have been uneventful and great opportunities to think and “read.”

Countdown 129 Days!!

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2 thoughts on “Day Hikes to Work

  1. I’m a sunrise fan! Join my club?

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