HikeItForward-Final-MediumI have hit some milestones this weekend.

This is my 101st blog posting. Thank you all for checking in (some of you every day, others once in a while) – I so appreciate your interest.  I have thoroughly enjoyed posting my thoughts and some of my research. I have learned so much about the trail (with lots more to learn before April) as a result of this blog. I have never set foot on the Appalachian Trail, and yet I think that I will recognize so many spots due to the reading I have done. I am so indebted to those who have gone before me and written down their experiences. Having accumulated a good bit of head knowledge, I am excited about putting some experience and trail knowledge alongside it. To “talk the talk” and “walk the walk” will be exciting.

Caesars Creek Path

Caesar Creek

I have just passed the 1,700 mile level in my preparation hikes. I have experienced the marvel and the heat of Arizona’s Grand Canyon. I have hiked for 70+ miles in the hills of West Virginia. But the majority of my miles have been in the Metroparks and State Parks around Springboro, OH. I did a quick tally in my hiking log and counted single hikes to John Bryant Park, Hills and Dales , and Hueston Woods. I taken two long 30+ mile roundtrip hikes on the bike trail from Waynesville north to Xenia and from Waynesville south to Fort Ancient. I’ve hiked at Sugar Creek –  8 times; Twin Creek – 11 times;  Germantown – 12 times; and Caesar Creek – 15 times. I was a little surprised when I counted up the days I have hoofed to work (most times both ways although there are some occasions when it was just one way) – 56 days since January 2013. What a blast I have had breathing in fresh air and listening to the quietness of the walk.

Finally, thanks to all of you, I have had over 4000 hits on the blog since the initial post on September 6th. In addition, 88 of you “follow” my blog and have allowed me to send you an email every time I feel like writing about the trail (which is just about every day). Another 76 of you are checking me out on Twitter and 356 beautiful people catch me on Facebook. I am thrilled with the interest and support….spread the word!

COUNTDOWN: 126 day!

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3 thoughts on “Milestones!

  1. My wife and I, along with friends from church on some occasions, often hike many of these same parks in SW Ohio. We may have passed each other somewhere along the trails.

    God speed in your A.T. hike next year!

  2. I will keep my eye out for you as I continue to hike these trails. Thanks for visiting the blog and your kind words of encouragement. God truly blesses me every time I walk the trails.

  3. Congratulations.

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