Singing and Hiking in the Rain

HikeItForward-Final-MediumI didn’t look like Gene Kelly but I sure had a blast singing (hiking) in the rain at Germantown Metropark yesterday (Saturday). It rained all morning but I was still amazed at the swell in the creeks and mountain streams. The gullies that usually contain a trickle were torrents of fast moving water. The streams were bulging and overflowing. At one point, the trail itself was completely underwater for 100 yards.

Creek Flood 3I love water and I so enjoy watching the power and beauty of creeks and streams as they flow downhill with a seemingly endless source of water. Waterfalls and fast moving currents impress me with their unstoppable determination and with their unleashed freedom to accomplish their mission. The sound of the rushing waters combines the roar of intimidation and the thunderous applause for the victor. When I close my eyes and listen to the water pounding the rocks and gracefully gliding down the mountainside, I can hear the crowd welcoming their hero from the battlefields.

Creek Flood 4I learned a few lessons about hiking in the rain. Always take a towel (or two) to dry your hands, face, and stuff. My towel was a lifesaver for me today as I took a few spills and needed to dry off my pride as well. Second, I learned how difficult it is to hike in the rain with glasses. After 10 minutes I wished I had windshield wipers for my specs. Again, the towel was the perfect ticket. There were several times when I just took my glasses off so I could get a “better” view of the path. However, trekking without my glasses is like driving in the fog – you can sort of see but the details are pretty blurry. My rain gear worked smashingly. I learned, however, that it is more difficult to get to things in my pocket with rain pants over top – I looked a lot like an exhibitionist attempting to moon the deer every time a wanted to take a picture or grab some gormp (M3 – Mimi’s Marvelous Mix). I also learned that the hood of my raincoat really keeps me dry and warm but it also quickly fogs up my glasses – causing a few more moments of Mr. McGoo hiking.

All in all – the hike in the rain was great fun.

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