The A.T. in Massachusetts Part 3

HikeItForward-Final-MediumWalking through Massachusetts the hiker must pass Mt. Everett, the Moon in the Pond Farm School, The Cookie Lady, and Thomas Levardi in order to make the climb of Mount Greylock (mile 1583). At 3,491 feet, Greylock is the highest point in Massachusetts, and on a clear day you can see five states from the top (Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, Vermont and New Hampshire).

Mt. Greylock Tower

Mt. Greylock Tower

There is a very interesting looking lighthouse on the summit of the mountain. The lighthouse is a Veteran War Memorial originally constructed in 1931-1932 to honor the lives lost in World War I. It is a 93-foot tall tower with eight observation openings. The early 1930s construction cost was $200,000.The light from the tower is one of the strongest beacons in the state with a nighttime visible range of up to 70 miles. I wonder what it sounds like on top of the mountain on a quiet day with the birds in full song.

One last stop in Massachusetts before we enter Vermont – a college that embraces the hike to Mount Greylock as one of its traditions. Check out my next blog about Massachusetts.

Mt. Greylock Summit photo:

Tower Photo:

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