AT in New Hampshire – The “Whites”


The highlight of the Appalachian Trail in New Hampshire is the ruggedly beautiful White Mountains. The panoramic scenery is so breathtaking that it attracts more backcountry visitors than any other part of the Trail. The steep ascents and descents often require the use of the hiker’s hands and, occasionally, the seat of the adventurer’s pants.

Much of this section of the AT is above timberline, where the temperature may change very suddenly; snow is possible in any season. Snow falls on Mt. Washington during every month of the year – high winds and dense fog are common. The White Mountains section of the AT stretches 117 miles from Glencliff, NH (just south of Jeffers Brook Shelter) to the Maine-New Hampshire state line.

Mt Mousilauke -4802 ft.

Mt Mousilauke -4802 ft.

Just to give you a quick idea of the mountains that must be crossed a list might be impressive: Mt Mousilauke (NOBO mile 1792),  Mt Wolf, South Kinsman and then North Kinsman a mile and a half later,  Mt Lincoln and Mt Lafayette, Mt Garfield, the summit of  South Twin, Mt Guyot,  Mt Zealand, Whitewall Mountain, Mt Webster, Mt Jackosn, Mt Pierce, Mt Eisenhower, Mt Franklin,  Mount Monroe, Mt. Washington, Mt Jefferson, Mt Adams, Mt Madison, North Carter Mountain, and Mt Moriah (NOBO mile 1881). That’s 23 mountains in 89 miles…that’s a lot of ups and downs (MUDs and PUDs)…that’s a lot of challenge…that’s a lot of climbing….I am so excited – bring it on! I count at least 11 Presidents I have to walk over and 3 other great patriots (Lafayette, Webster, Franklin).

Mt Moriah - 4049 ft.

Mt Moriah – 4049 ft.

The last mountain in the Whites is Mount Moriah. This is so appropriate. After I have hiked over 22 mountains I will come to a biblical reminder. The first 22 will only be possible because of a faithful God giving me the strength I need to summit these challenges. Mount Moriah will be a place of thankfulness and rejoicing for His provision. It was at Mount Moriah in the Old Testament that God provided Abraham with a ram to sacrifice in place of his son, Isaac. It was on Mount Moriah that Solomon built the Temple, the meeting place between man and God. I know it is not the same Mount Moriah, but the symbolism will be significant for me and I hope that my worship of the Provider will be sweet on the top of Mount Moriah.

Photo of Mt Mousilauke:

Photo of Mt Moriah:

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