Great Day for a Hike

HikeItForward-Final-MediumI was able to take a nice walk today (Saturday) at Caesar Creek. The sun was brilliant, the temperature was comfortable, and the warm breeze in my face made me smile. There was still some snow on portions of the trail but most had melted after a couple of days of above freezing temperatures (today’s high was in the 40’s)

BootsI knew the warmer temperature plus the large amount of snow we received over the past two weeks might make for wet trails. The day on Friday was above freezing as well with significantly strong wind to dry the roads and sidewalks. I debated whether to hike in sandals (comfortable and my preference) or boots (warmer but hard on my feet). I went with boots although I attached my sandals to my pack in case the path was dry enough to hop and skip over the puddles. I made a wise choice (see the picture of my feet).

More about the hike itself tomorrow but let me share a milestone in my preparation. The 21 miles I was able to log today puts me over 1,900 miles of trail training.

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