What a Day!

HikeItForward-Final-MediumThere are some days when reality seems to grip your hand, others when it grips your heart and still others when it grips your throat. Today is one of those moments that reality has a tight hold on all three. My countdown is now 60 days! For some reason, 60 days (2 months) has brought a sense of urgency to the adventure. My easy-going nature all of a sudden wants to make lists; my spiritual gift of procrastination is overwhelmed with the strong impulse to complete every detail of the hike….now; my dream of hiking someday has been transformed into the commitment of driving to Georgia in just two months. I am not getting cold feet (I have REI socks!) – instead the adrenaline of excitement is beginning to come alive. Every day I wake up to freezing temperatures,  I feel sorry for those thru-hikers who have already started and I am thankful that there still are 60 days for the weather to warm up.

white blaze 3Today is also my 160th post. For a quiet introvert, that is a lot of words. I have thoroughly enjoyed putting my thoughts on virtual paper and have found that writing is easier than speaking. If I don’t like what I have penned, I have this cool “backspace” key that eliminates the awkward statement or the poor choice of words. Words of speech are irretrievable and the awkwardness of a statement just hangs there like a broken kite in the tree. This blog has allowed me to express my feelings, my research and my experiences – what a blessing. Journaling really is beneficial, Mr. Kurtz. My great thanks go to my wife, Cathy. She has proofed my posts and corrected all my spelling and grammatical errors that MS Word missed. I am one the most creative but worst spellers in America. I can take any given word and spell it several different ways.

I also came face to face with the urgency to be r5209728267_5fd5e721ff_oeady physically. Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Year, and the colder weather resulted in eating more and exercising less. I understand that I cannot blame any of these realities for the extra pounds that show up on my bathroom scales. All of those extra inches have resulted from a slack in discipline and a great enjoyment of holiday food. As I have been strategizing on how to keep my backpack in an ultra-light category, I realized a way to decrease my load by 10 pounds – push back from the table and sweat a little bit more. Ten pounds in 60 days should be doable.

60 days to go!!! 160 posts! 10 pounds to lose! If you add the 60 days to the 160 posts and multiply it by the 10 pounds to lose, it equals the number of miles from Springer to Katahdin. Yes, Margaret, that is how a crazy wannabe thru-hiker’s mind works.

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3 thoughts on “What a Day!

  1. janloyd

    So excited for you, Dave…blessings as you prepare some more!

  2. Terry Lynn Ryan Bailes

    When you get near WV let me know. I would be happy to come meet you. Good luck and lots of prayers. The Little One

    • I will have to get your phone number before I leave so I can contact you as I get closer to Harpers Ferry. It will be so good to see you again. Once every 40 years is a little too long between contacts!At least I have been able to catch up a bit on Facebook.

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