Seven Weeks!

HikeItForward-Final-MediumFriday – March 7 marked day 50 of my countdown to the AT. With less than 2 months to go the reality is beginning to set in. The hike begins just 7 weeks from Saturday (today)!!  I only have six more Saturday hikes to experience and then my hike will be from Springer Mountain, GA (and it will last a little longer than a day).

There is something about 50 days that drives the excitement level pretty high. The angst tank is fairly full as well. The weather on Friday was sweet while the sunshine and blue skies on Saturday were  made to order (more about that tomorrow) – but I am feeling pressure. I am not a type A personality, but I have this inner alarm clock going off that I must have all my gear purchased, weighed, and broken in by….yesterday. My food plan is not complete… my itinerary needs quite a bit more thought….I still am not sure about my stove, my boots, my clothes…….ugh! But then my Charlie Brown, easygoing, gift of procrastination whispers, “you have 6 more weekends to visit REI, food bought today will only get stale, you have more than adequate time to decide what to put in your pack – make a list, check it twice, pray a lot, exercise more, watch your diet, pray a lot, read some AT books, watch some videos and don’t forget to pray.”

Backpacker. GearSpeaking of gear….there is good news and bad news – a special issue of Backpacker Magazine came in the mail Thursday. It is the 2104’s Best New Gear Issue. I read it cover to cover (one of the reasons why I did not get a post published on Thursday). The good news is the exciting reviews for backpacks, sleeping bags and pads, tents, trail food, and clothing. I thoroughly enjoy reading and seeing all the new stuff on the market. The bad news is that almost none of my gear is listed so I am obsolete before I take a step on the trail! I need to go to REI tomorrow and buy all new stuff!

Just kidding about buying all new stuff – actually both my tent and my sleeping bag made the cut and found themselves on the recommended lists. I read some good ideas for shoes and since I still have not decided what to purchase to augment my sandals, the information might come in handy. I really do plan a visit to REI very soon in order to get a little closer to my final checklist for the contents of my pack.

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2 thoughts on “Seven Weeks!

  1. Backpacker is really more about marketing than information from my perspective. I tend to take what they say with a grain of salt. Both their gear reviews and their trip descriptions are really off at times based on my personal experience. I still read them, I just don’t take their word as gospel 😉

    Glad to see you aren’t planning on doing the whole trip in sandals. They are great so long as the trail is reasonable but when you get into root and rock sections having good toe protection can save some tears. What ever you go with definitely get some miles on those shoes/boots before you head to GA.

    • Thanks for the good insight into Backpacker – just because it is in print doesn’t make it so.
      This winter has made me painfully aware that I need some hiking shoes to supplement my Chaco’s. I am willing to try on just about every pair in the store in order to find the right fit – 5 million steps deserves some scrutiny.

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