Row, Row, Row My Boat

HikeItForward-Final-MediumI am in the mindset of an athlete training for the “Games.” I hadn’t been on my rowing machine for many months because I was hiking every chance I could and thought that the exercise of the hills was keeping me in shape. Anyway, I jumped on the rowing machine a couple of days ago and was shocked at how quickly I was out of breath and how fast my heart was beating when I hit 1000 meters. From there, I jumped on the bathroom scales and was aghast at the final number looking at me in face. The reality hit me full bore – I was out of shape with only 7 weeks remaining before attempting the biggest physical challenge of my life. Healthy diet and physical exercise…. here I come.

Rowing MachineI was able to hike to work and back today – the temperatures were great and the air felt good on my face. My BuilderBar lunch provided that needed power for the afternoon meetings and the hike home. The morning commute was cool yet peaceful – it was dark but the car traffic was minimal; the 5:00 pm trek was very windy but close to 60 degrees. The wind was stiff and challenged me to fight in a balance tug-of-war. As I walked toward home I could not help but think of the positive impact of the strong breeze on the muddy conditions of the trails at the MetroParks. While winning in the struggle against Mr. North Wind to make forward progress, I wondered what it will be like on top of Mount Washington. Today (Monday) the wind speed is only 30.8 mph taking the temperature of 10.4 degrees F to a wind-chill of -12 degrees F. I am loving the spring feeling of Ohio.

I hope to pick up some hiking shoes at REI this evening before I go for my boat ride (rowing machine style). I am heading out as soon as I post this blog. I am determined to try on shoes until the store closes or I find a comfortable fit that might just last 2200 miles.

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