Refreshing Friday

HikeItForward-Final-MediumI have to work all day Saturday (tomorrow), so I took a few hours this afternoon and took a walk. The weather was so perfect and the hike was truly grand. Instead of writing a lot, I thought I would share some pictures I snapped.

I love bridges – not only because they make the hike so much more enjoyable, but also because of the symbol they play in my life. To be a bridge that connects theory and practice, or two opposing views, or two kindred spirits is a power reflection of leadership and team building. Lots of bridges today – each was crossed with gratitude.

Bridge 5 Bridge 4 Bridge 3 Bridge 2

StepsMy hike was not only blessed with bridges, but also steps. A slippery hill can be conquered with well placed steps. Steep inclines are made easier when footholds are provided.











And there were a few times when I sure could have used a bridge or some steps or a even boat but adversity brings adventure!






Tree Roots



Every once in a while I come across something in the woods that makes me stop, look, scratch my head, and wonder how these just happen.


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