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The mail that hits my desk on a daily basis is typically curriculum advertisements, professional development promotions, fund-raising ideas, and an occasional inquiry from a parent. Most of the professional interactions are channeled through email. With close to 100 email messages a day, I am opening my “mail” constantly throughout my office hours.

But I got a letter from the postman yesterday that immediately caught my eye as a personal correspondence that needed my attention. The envelopment was hand-written to Dr. Dave Rough, Academic Dean. I recognized the name of a board member on the return address, so I opened the envelope with a questioning anticipation. I wasn’t sure if it was to be good news or a note of concern but I was sure that it was a personal note and not a mass mailing.

The note itself was not typed but rather penned in the author’s own hand. I quickly realized that the note was in regard to my hike of the Appalachian Trail and not a response to a decision made by the Academic Dean. I share a bit of the communiqué below so that you can taste the encouragement that edified my spirit as my mind comprehended his message. The board member wrote,

Envelop“As the time grows near for your departure, I wanted to send this check along. What a wonderful opportunity this is!….Of course, we will be praying for you as you Hike It Forward. Thanks for using this opportunity to advance the cause of Christian education. This is one more reason why you are one of my heroes. Thanks for all you do, and may God bless you richly in this challenge.

Serving Him with you,


An extremely gracious and generous gift was enclosed which brought such feelings of gratitude and humility. God prompts the hearts of individuals but hearts must be obedient to the promptings and the will of man must put action to the obedient heart. Every contribution that has been given drives me to the sovereignty of God and the faithfulness of people. To be called a hero by anyone and especially a member of the board of trustees humbles me to the core. The title of hero belongs to a very elite group of giants who demonstrate powerful, ethical character and bigger-than-life influence on the lives of others – neither of which I possess.

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2 thoughts on “Mail Call

  1. janloyd

    You are a hero to many, Dave…and I know you would say, “All by God’s grace!” 2 Cor 3:5-6

  2. What you’re doing for your school is definitely changing lives for the glory of God. Allowing a youth to gain access to a Christian education is massively influencing their futures. Your character seems pretty dandy too, at least in the blog-world. 🙂

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