Wildflowers and Wildlife

COUNTDOWN –  19 DAYS before I start my thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail!!

HikeItForward-Final-MediumSpring is really here – I saw my first wildflowers along the trail. What a difference a week makes. The last Saturday of March was pretty dark and dreary – there were spots of green grass, moss and ground cover, but the majority of the trail was brown, gray, dark, and dormant – begging for the thaw that will burst forth life. God threw the switch sometime this past week. The spring moment happened and evidence began to pop up through the landscape.

I wish I knew my wildflowers better. I have been overwhelmed with the shear variety of them. There are thousands of pretty blue ones, hundreds of delicate white flowers, countless orange, purple, green, yellow, and red blossoms. Instead of suffering from the task of learning all their names, I decided just to enjoy their beauty and make up names of my own. I’ve posted a few photos from my hike on Saturday as I captured some of my first introductions to this year’s spring flowers. The names provided are not scientific, not authoritative, and not serious – they are my names for these beautiful creations.

Light Velvet Buttercups

Light Velvet Buttercups

Miniature Wild Daisy

Miniature Wild Daisy

Pretty Purple Cone

Pretty Purple Cone













I also saw a great horse along the trail. I have never seen an animal with such interesting coloring. It was not an Appaloosa but it had wonderful markings, It was kind of a cross between a Zebra and a Cheetah (the coloring,  not the animal – it was definitely a horse). I think it should be called a Zebreetah.  I did a little research and it could be the British Spotted Pony, or the Danish Knabstrup  or the Central Asian Altai. I still like the Waynesville Zebreetah best of all.

Waynesville Zebreetah

Waynesville Zebreetah

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