Wildflower Hike


HikeItForward-Final-MediumToday was a great day – the weather was perfect for a hike… so I took two of them. The first hike was so special – my wife and I went to a local state park (John Bryan) close to Yellow Springs, Ohio. We went to spend some time together and hunt for wildflowers. Our treasure hunt did not go unrewarded….we saw some beautiful flowers with delicate designs and exquisite color. The trees are beginning to bud and the small bushes are glowing with the green of spring. Cat and I had such a lovely time together talking about life and admiring the incredible variety of God’s creation on the forest floor. We took our time, enjoyed the ideal weather, and snapped some photos of our favorite discoveries. I hope to include a picture from the hike everyday this week so you can see some of the offerings of the trail. These next two weeks should be incredible for a nice stroll in a local park….think about someone special and invite them to hunt for the beauty of the path – the best part is that it is absolutely free!

The second hike was logging some practice miles for the Appalachian Trail adventure. I managed to walk 12.6 miles this afternoon at a local MetroPark. The miles were pretty easy ones but every opportunity to hike helps the preparation. I plan to take a walk in the woods tomorrow as well. I am close to reaching my mileage goal before I leave for the Big Hike, but I still need a few good hikes. More tomorrow…..

Blue Bells     Cat at JBSP


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6 thoughts on “Wildflower Hike

  1. janloyd

    Jeremy was hiking with his youngest (Carter, almost 6 yrs old). He said he saw you. I think they started out from Clifton 🙂

    • Yes, it was great to meet and greet both of them on the trail. All four of us (Jeremy, Carter, Cathy, and I) had stopped to look at the same water fall but from different spots. As we left our vantage points we literally bumped into each other. I find it especially meaningful when I see dads out with their sons. Jeremy seems like such a great guy and a sensitive father.

      • Dave, it was great running into you and Cathy. What a gorgeous day it was. We had a great hike – Carter lasted about 2 miles which was awesome.

        Best wishes on the AT – we’ll be following along!

      • Jeremy, thanks for following along. Walking two miles with your son can build priceless memories (Deut. 6:7).

  2. Used to live in Fairborn and hiked John Bryan many times. Now living in Asheville, NC, just a few miles from the AT. Good luck, will be following you.

    • Revpattison – Thanks for the comment. John Bryan is such a lovely place especially this time of year. I hope you are able to enjoy the A.T. in NC. I greatly appreciate you following my journey!

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