2, 191 miles!

He Is Risen – He Is Risen Indeed!

COUNTDOWN – 6 days!

HikeItForward-Final-MediumWhat a busy day. I took a sunrise hike and was able to reach my first mileage goal of 2, 186 miles in preparation for my thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail. I have been attempting to hike the distance of the AT before setting out on the trail itself. Before I ended the morning walk I had totaled 2, 191.1 miles, leaving only 8.9 miles to accomplish the 2, 200 mile mark. I have a hike scheduled for tomorrow with hopes of reaching that 2,200 level prior to sundown.

I made it home to enjoy an Easter lunch with the family, then an egg hunt in our back yard, then another egg hunt at our daughter-in-law’s parents’ home, then evening church and finally back home. Not much time to post in the midst of all the activities. It was a good day filled with sunshine, family and friends.

This was my last service with my local church for 120+ days. They are such a caring group of people and I will miss them greatly on the trail. At the end of the time together, the pastor called Cathy and I up front and several individuals prayed for us. The church is sponsoring my hike at $1.00 per mile or $2,200!! I am amazed and humbled by their confidence in me. They also presented me with a lightweight bracelet to wear along the trail – each member of the small fellowship will receive an identical one to serve as a reminder to pray often for me. They are such a special group of friends.

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2 thoughts on “2, 191 miles!

  1. Congrats on your pre-trail goal! That’s a very nice thing for your church to do. Good luck with all the hard work the next six days!

    • South Jersey Trails – Thanks for your kind words. I agree: my church is amazingly supportive. I am praying that my hard work translates into a prepared mind and body for the adventure ahead. Thanks for the encouragement.

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