Made it to Dicks Creek

Rain last night. Very misty most of the day. It started to rain about 1:00. I was going said my alphabet and counted to 100 on Kelly Knob in honor of my grand son’s Kindergarten teacher – go Miss Kelly!

I found a great hostel just off the trail today. I have not been eating well at all so I stopped for a good meal a cot. I am in a bunk house with 5 other hikers. Not my style but interesting folks. Lots of stories to share.

My phone died this morning and I did not want to recharge with all the rain. I got one photo this morning on top of Rocky Mountain – beautiful view but a challenging climb.


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3 thoughts on “Made it to Dicks Creek

  1. Isabelle Blatz

    Stay safe!!

  2. janloyd

    John & I prayed last night specifically about lodging, food, and “folks” for you, Dave. So it was good to read your blog this morning. God takes care of His children, praise His holy Name! Blessings on your journey today, dear brother!

  3. katjandu

    It’s amazing how well your posts have been showing up. Glad you stopped for food. Prayers for you.

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