Right now I am finishing up breakfast at the Nantahala Outdoor Center in North Carolina – mile 137ish. I had a glorious day yesterday climbing my second fire tower and seeing just incredible views (Photo below). The day was filled with perfect blue sky and warm temperatures. Saw my first wildlife bigger than a squirrel – not a bear but a ground hog right on the path. I also had my first snake encounter – a friendly Black Snake but I was able to side step my buddy without a lengthy conversation. I am facing an 8 mile uphill hike this morning.


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4 thoughts on “NOC

  1. Amy

    So pleased at the great weather for you! Be strong on your uphill hike Uncle D! Love you

  2. katjandu

    Awesome view Dave. I am following you along and it’s great seeing those views from the fire towers. God bless.

  3. Kristin Whitesell Blatz

    Praying for you today! I signed-up my girls up to get your updates on their emails. They love getting up in the morning and checking to see where Dr Rough is today! Praying for you daily!

  4. Mile 137ish! You are cruising right along! Way to go! I would not consider any snake ‘friendly’. Your bravery shames me.

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