I Made It Through the Smokies!

I completed the GSMNP. I loved this section of the trail so much. The terrain was varied from moss laden fallen trees to the lush green canopy to a rocky/root laced trail.
I find myself in a rocking chair at the Standing Bear Farm Hostel. I could not decide to stay in this bunkhouse or not. Then it began to thunder and I took it as the voice of God to find cover. The hostel is at mile 240.8 so I was able to hike 18.4 miles today – my legs feel like.


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6 thoughts on “I Made It Through the Smokies!

  1. janloyd

    The Voice of God will get you every time! Sounds like a lush and lovely place!

  2. Ben

    18+ miles – wow, great progress dad! Keep pressing on and call anytime for a Survivor update.

  3. Isabelle Blatz

    Nice cabin

  4. Jeni Deason

    This is so exciting. My kids have been asking me to check for updates :).

  5. John Harner

    Congratulations Dr. D. What an experience you will never forgot. God has has His hand on you throughout. You have seen His handiwork in a way no one else has.
    Looking forward to seeing you next week.
    John Harner

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