Big Bald Was Beautiful

I climbed Big Bald yesterday (see picture below). It was an amazing view. Headed to resupply in Erwin, TN. (Mile 341). I hope to be there late this afternoon. Beautiful day today – cool but sunny.


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5 thoughts on “Big Bald Was Beautiful

  1. Isabelle Blatz

    Cool picture

  2. Steph

    Nice to meet you today on the trail (and the fellowship along the road)! Happy Trails…will be following you to Katahdin.

  3. Epp

    You are doing an amazing job, and I know that you will finish strong! You are very confident and you should keep that mind set. The Lord will help you if you keep Him first! Be blessed!

    • Thanks so much for these words of encouragement. I don’t have the time nor the internet connection to respond to all the great comments people make to my blog, but I read and appreciate every thought. I am catching up on my responses on July 1 in Harpers Ferry, WV (just about half way). God has been incredibly faithful throughout the journey!

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