Over the Mountains and Over the Mountains

Yesterday was an incredible hike. I went over Roan Mountain, Round Bald, Jane Bald (prayed for Jane Patterson – not because she’s bald but because she’s Jane), Little Hump, and Hump Mountain (photo below). I ended up hiking to mile marker 389.3 or 23.1 miles! That was my longest day yet.

I am taking a Sabbath rest today to refresh my body. I am in the town of Roan Mt, TN. at a B&B. Just took a loooonnnggg shower – wow does hot water feel great. I plan to be back on the trail tomorrow. Thanks for all the prayers and words of encouragement. I hope to break the 400 mile point tomorrow.


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6 thoughts on “Over the Mountains and Over the Mountains

  1. Justin Whitaker

    Wow, what a great mileage day! Your blog post e-mail is my favorite e-mail I receive every day, you are an inspiration! After hiking just a few miles with Cadence the other day, I’m amazed how you can hit so many miles. Awesome.

  2. Enjoy your day off buddy.

  3. Hi Dave,
    You’re doing an awesome job. It’s great reading your daily walk and looking at the maps to see just where you’ve been. Prayers for you daily.

  4. Kathy Reno

    So, I am just wondering if music is in your mind all the time.
    , praise songs, hymns, marching songs we learned as children (the bear went over the mountain) and Rocky Top….things like that.

  5. Isabelle Blatz

    Have a safe hike tomorrow!

  6. Mark

    you are going to like Iron Mountian Gap

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