Lunch on Mt. Rodgers VA

It is a beautiful day on the AT. I am having an early lunch on a rock outcropping just past Mt. Rodgers. The photo below is the view from my personal lunch-rock. I am on my way to see the wild ponies of Grayson National Park. Hiked 21.6 miles yesterday and I am very close to the 500 mile marker (495.4). God is so faithful.

There was no cell phone coverage during lunch so I updating later in the day. The ponies were wonderful! The terrain through the Grayson Highlands was really challenging – rocky and steep. Found at camp sight about mile 504, so I celebrated the 500 mile goal.



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7 thoughts on “Lunch on Mt. Rodgers VA

  1. janloyd

    Still hoping to someday get to Chincoteague and Asseteague to see the wild ponies. I’ll check a map to see how close Grayson Highlands is to those places. Congrats on 500!

  2. Justin Whitaker

    Congrats on hitting 500 miles, that is a huge milestone!

  3. katjandu

    Hooray! 500 miles! We’ve been to the islands to see the ponies but not as close you were!

  4. Linda Robertson

    Congratulations, Dr. Rough, on reaching the 500 mile mark on your trek. You are an inspiration to us all. May the Lord continue to bless you on your journey.

  5. Pamela

    I LOVE following your blog. You are such an inspiration. I am praying for you 🙂

    • Pamela – Thank you for following my adventure. Because of the lack of cell phone coverage and battery life, responding to comments is difficult – but I read them all and find them very encouraging! Thanks for your prayers – God is faithful.

  6. Steph

    Can’t wait to see the ponies in the highlands. Congrats on 500 miles!

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