Marion, VA

Saturday May 31 12:10 pm
I got the hiker crud on Thursday night – some sort of intestinal bug – and decided to take some time to get well. On Friday I got a ride to Marion, VA and found a motel. I spent the night Friday and will be sleeping here tonight as well. I hope to be feeling back to normal (as normal as I get) on Sunday and back on the trail.

I don’t usually have this extended cell phone coverage and the time to write extensively, so let me just share a few thoughts. I have been overwhelmed with your comments and words of encouragement to my blog. Thank you so much for following my adventure! I am not a very social person but this hike has provided some great opportunities to meet se special folks. One fellow that became my friend for about 8 days was Beast of Burden. We met each other at Franklin, NC and hiked through the Smokies together. His hike ended there and we had to say goodbye. He was a great encouragement to me. I hope we can reconnect in the future! On the other hand I had a brief connect with a young gal who teaches at Anderson in Indiana. Steph and I just had lunch together in a parking lot one day but the conversation was sweet – she had a page of scripture and read that day’s passage to me – encouraging !

The photo below is of a new born colt I met in the Grayson Highlands. I don’t know how old it was but it was still struggling to stand up. I just snapped a quick baby picture and let him go back to sleep.


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13 thoughts on “Marion, VA

  1. Praying you feel better soon and enjoy some well-deserved rest. Love following your journey!

  2. Diane Brads

    Hope you feel better and get your strength restored. We have friends who told us of AT hiker illness. Strange for viruses to get you in the wilderness! Try to let us know when you get close. We could meet you at the Montebello store near Crabtree Falls or at the Peaks of Otter or the Long Mtn. Wayside at rte 60. (the closest). You may be ready to resupply at any of those points.

  3. Praying that you recover fully and quickly from your illness. Past the 500 mile marker, great progress!

  4. Isabelle Blatz

    Get well soon

    • John and Ruth Pawelski

      Dave, we have been following your trek with great interest and prayer. The day is always made more interesting when it includes a Hike It Forward message! Trusting the Lord will give you speedy and complete healing and get you back on the trail soon, although perhaps a Sunday of rest and worship would not be amiss. I guess we’ll just have to “wait and see” how that all works out! Ruth and John Pawelski

  5. Dan Patterson

    Dave – I just wanted to let you know that just because I don’t “comment” each day (I really didn’t think we were supposed to ) – I’ve been tracking your progress and praying for you each day. We continue to make you a topic of conversation and are looking forward to meeting up with you sometime. Thanks for your diligent blogs posts – they are always a welcome touch point.
    May God protect you on the trail – and now specifically, heal your body for the hike ahead.
    Blessings – Dan P

  6. 3 Fry Girls

    Poor thing 😦 Feel better! Our prayers are with you

  7. katjandu

    Thankful for the encouragement you’ve had on the trail. Praying for a speedy recovery. It’s wonderful there are places you can have a respite.

  8. Jane Patterson

    You’re doing it Dr. D. One day at a time – one step after another. The Lord is placing so many opportunities before you. I’m so blessed to hear and see some of the trip through your blogs. Dan and I are praying for you. “HE is your strength and your sheild, a very present help in times of struggle (and in times of awesomeness!!!).” One day at a time, brother!!!!

  9. Steph

    Rowdy, it was a pleasure to meet you and have lunch with you. Praying for the rest of your trip!

  10. I read your blog today. It was because of Steph. She stopped by my house and spent the night and rode horses with me the next day. Don’t know you, but enjoy your days on the trail.

    • What a pleasure it was to meet Steph – although the connection was short I could tell that she was a special young lady. Thanks for checking out my blog – I hope you will check in often and pray for my journey.

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