Ashley Fish Day on the AT

I have declared today to be Ashley Fish Day on the trail. Ashley graduates from DCHS today and she contributed over $1000 to my adventure through bake sales. A fawn greeted me at dawn this morning. As she came out of the wood, she stopped and we shared a moment together before she winked, turned tail and bounded back into the safety of the forest. She reminded me of Ashley in her youth and energy. Congrats to 2014 grad Ashley Fish.

I made to mile 530 this morning (10:10) and hope to hike to Adkins, VA before the end of the day. It is a beautiful sunny day and I am feeling so much better. The photo below is of a visitor center on the trail where I have stopped to post this blog.


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5 thoughts on “Ashley Fish Day on the AT

  1. Sharon Raby

    Wonderful baccalaureate yesterday by David Smith. Graduation practice went well this AM. We will miss you tonight.
    You are in our prayers.

    • Sharon – I heard such good reports concerning the commencement services – it was rather difficult to miss (first absence in 26 years!).

  2. Happy to hear you are feeling better and back on the trail!

  3. Ashley Fish

    Thank you so much, Dr. Rough! You’re such a blessing to me and I appreciate your kind and uplifting words. I’m so proud of how far you’ve come on your hike and I can’t wait till you get back! Good luck and God bless!

    • Ashley – I heard that commencement went well and that your testimony was powerful and articulate! Congratulations on your special award.

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