Rain and Shine

June 5 11:55 am
The day began with some rain but God’s natural umbrella (the canopy of the forest) kept me quite dry. Now the sun is shinning and the wind blesses me with a cool shower from the trees.

I am at mile marker 597.8 on the top of Brushy Mt. Why stop just before the 600 mile marker? But cause it is the top of a mountain, I am in need of a break, it is beautiful, and I have cell phone service. The photo below is not spectacular but it is where I am right now.

600 miles before lunch is the goal!! Feeling great today and just enjoying the hike. I saw three beautiful deer during the morning trek and look forward to lunch at a shelter about 2 miles down the pike.

God is faithful. Blessing to you all.


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4 thoughts on “Rain and Shine

  1. Joe Batchelor

    Hey Dave … the woods look lovely. I am at work at Shekinah with one “credit recovery” student. He’s doing a good job. “Better is the end of thing than the beginning.” Lots of projects around here this summer. Sounds like the beautiful Virginia mountains are agreeing with you. I like that drive up I-81 with the majestic peaks in the West. I miss our talks.

    • Joe – Virginia is a beautiful state – challenging and rewarding. The mountains demand diligence but provide such panoramic views for the persistent. Let’s get together when I get back to Ohio!

  2. katjandu

    Today’s post is a blessing. Prayers continue for you trek.

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