Incredible Day on the AT

Friday June 6 @ 9:00 am

It is an absolutely beautiful day on the trail today. Blue sky (when the canopy will let me see it), crisp morning with a slight breeze, and a lovely trail to walk. I followed a wonderful, cascading stream for over an hour last evening and again for an hour this morning. I have just completed my biggest climb of the day (1300 ft). and hope to enjoy some more level ground for a while. I am sitting at mile 615 and hope to make it to Pearsburg, VA by early evening.

The photo below was an early morning view of a pond just beyond my campsite. Thanks for your continued prayers and thoughts.


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5 thoughts on “Incredible Day on the AT

  1. janloyd


  2. Shawn Vaughan

    Enjoying the blog and following your progress…very impressive. I appreciate the pictures as well as it gives a good sense of the beauty on the trail. Keep going – Shawn Vaughan

    • Shawn – Thanks for following along as I blog about the adventure. The photos can not really capture the beauty and depth of trail. The feeling of the wilderness and the realization of being in the back-country is amazing.

  3. What a beautiful morning for a hike.

    • The Piney Powerful – I am often overwhelmed with the majestic nature of the mornings in the forest. God is faithful.

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