McAfee Knob and Beyond

June 12 @ 4:00
I made it yesterday to the most photographed spot on the AT with the possible exception of Katahdin itself – McAfee Knob. It was pretty special. After a photo shoot, I hiked on and arrived at a shelter about 7:00 pm. I decided to sleep in the shelter with 2 other hikers. Good thing because God decided to light up the sky and water the earth with heavy rains about 10:15. The light show was spectacular from inside the dry shelter.

Today was a wet and foggy day. I hiked about 15 miles over some beautiful but rugged terrain. I arrived in Daleville, Mid-VA (mile 724) this afternoon and have been to Kroger for my resupply. I am spending the night here – right across the street from my motel is a Pizza Hut!! Nothing more needs to be said.

I love the incredible magnitude of God’s creation (photos from McAfee Knob) as well was the delicate detail of the wildflowers (I think the picture is of a Fire Pink).

Thanks for you continued prayers as my wonderful journey unfolds on a daily basis.




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11 thoughts on “McAfee Knob and Beyond

  1. Ruth and John Pawelski

    Wow! Just barely short of 1/3 done! Following you with interest and prayer. Ruth and John

  2. janloyd

    Is that you, Dave, in the middle photo? πŸ™‚

  3. Earlier today I saw a post from another AT thru-hiker who was somewhere in Virginia last night, as well; he commented on the strong thunderstorms. I am pleased to hear that you were in a shelter last night, safe and protected from the storm!

    Nice shot of you on McAfee Knob!

    • Todd – I almost camped that night as well but decided to take refuge in a shelter – so glad God provided protection from the storm – He is faithful!

  4. Oh, and you are correct, the wildflower in the photo is Fire Pink.

  5. Dan Patterson

    Oh Rowdy – how I wish I could be at Pizza Hut with you tonight. Just to hear of your journey so far …. and to enjoy a Meat-Lovers together. I’m praying for you daily and can’t wait to catch you on the trail.
    Blessings and protection be yours. Hike-on friend.

    • Dan – Thank you so much for the encouragement. I often cannot respond to all the comments made to the blog because of internet connection – but I read them all and am so encouraged by the thoughts an prayers of others! Miss you guys!

  6. Great shot at McAfee Knob!

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