Wonderful Morning if Worship

I was hiking the trail this morning but also having a great experience of worship. I hit the trail at 7:00 and at 7:10 I came upon the view in the photo below. The clouds below me reminded me of the rainbow I have in the clouds – God’s promise of forgiveness and redemption in Jesus.

I had a special of singing – my voice is not great but it does allow me to express my love to God. I realized that I have not heard group singing in over 7 weeks – I really miss hearing voices coming together in harmony and praise. I also had a powerful time of prayer as I walked. Being Fathers Day my children and their children were heavy on my heart.

Lots of climbing this morning! With God’s grace I hiked my longest day yesterday (25 miles). Ended at Cove Mt Shelter (mile 749). Because of the elevation change today I will be much less today – but I plan to enjoy the mountains.

I have not been able to post because of the lack of cell coverage. I have set up camp – it is 6:00 and I made it to mile 766 and Thunder Hill Shelter. As I was setting up my tent a couple about my age came into camp with bananas and cold drinks – trail blessing brought to shelter! This was a first for me. What a blessing indeed.

Two other photos – one is a view from Black Rock about 5 miles from camp and the other is called the Guillotine (it reminds me of the Indiana Jones movie.




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6 thoughts on “Wonderful Morning if Worship

  1. Penny Chandler

    Happy Fathers Day, Dave! You have a wonderful family to be thankful for and they for you!

  2. janloyd

    Happy Father’s Day, you a spiritual father to many!

  3. janloyd

    Happy Father’s Day, you are a spiritual father to many!

  4. iheartpalmspringsca

    We are so impressed and proud…what you are doing is amazing and inspiring! Happy Father’s Day!
    Bruce & Sharon

  5. athiessen

    I enjoyed meeting you and chatting with you some on the trail today (just below the summit of Apple Orchard Mtn.).

    Reading your bio, I was surprised you have degrees from Grace College and IWU. My sister went to Grace and now teaches as IWU. Small world!

    I hope you continue to experience God’s presence along the trail, and make it to Katadin safely!


    • Alan – Thank you for checking out my blog. On the trail it is hard to respond to all the comments, although I read every one with great interest. I so enjoyed our brief chat on the mountain even thought the connection was short. What a interesting weaving of relationship with your sister – what does she teach at IWU? – I am an adjunct in the Masters’ program in Leadership.

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