A Bear and a Prayer

June 25 @ 1:45

Day 60 and I passed the 900 mile marker!!

I missed counted the number of bears I have seen. This morning I saw my tenth bear. It was a cub and it was slow enough for a photo shoot. The picture is not very clear but at least you can tell it is not a deer. I did see two deer this morning as well.

I passed two SOBO hikers (husband and wife) this morning and they stopped to chat. They are from WV (Martinsburg) and sent their children to WVU. As I shared about God’s faithfulness to me during my adventure, they responded with “Amen” – by the time our quick encounter was over we stood on the AT and prayed together. How wonderful is that. Half Beard and Granny Smith were their trail names- what a blessing.

Blogging from mile 915. My goal is a hut at 923.8. God is faithful – with each step I’m breathing in His grace.


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4 thoughts on “A Bear and a Prayer

  1. Beckie. Danielson Danielson

    So good to hear of your progress! What an opportunity to commune with our Creator in the beaity there.. glad to hear of help from the trail angels too.

    • Trail angels are such a surprise and a wonderful blessing – from a young lady who offered me a Clif Bar to a group of people who set up folding tables of food. Nothing hits the spot like a surprise can of soda after a hot afternoon of hiking!

  2. TEN bears!? And counting!? Congrats on 900 miles and avoiding any problems with ten bears.

    • Most of the bears I have seen are running away from me – just the direction I prefer. I try to be as non-confrontational as possible.

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