SNP Coming to an End

June 26 @ 11:15

Rain last night but a beautiful morning and a great hike so far. I am at mile 948 right now and hope to travel several more hours before I pitch my tent. I should be out of SNP tonight or early tomorrow morning. It has been great.
The photo below is a nice view of Doah VA but I post it for my grandchildren – it is a look from Rattlesnake Point. I love the name – sounds like Davy Crocket or Simon Kenton. I have not seen a rattlesnake yet and pray that I don’t.
I am feeling fine and look forward to Front Royal tomorrow.



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4 thoughts on “SNP Coming to an End

  1. paul

    You continue to amaze your many friends and admirers, Dave!

  2. Beautiful section of trail, it’ll all be downhill into Front Royal soon enough.

    • Doah VA was so nice and Front Royal was refreshing and enjoyable. The beauty of the Shenandoah Valley was extraordinary.

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