Front Royal with Bruce Matson

Bruce Matson, author and motivational speaker, contacted me in May and asked if he could meet me and treat me to a meal somewhere along the AT. He is planning a thru-hike in the next few years and wanted to talk about my adventure during my adventure. Today (6-27) was the day we finally connected. What a blessing and a special time of sharing! Thank you, Bruce, for your encouragement.

He bought some trail blessings (drinks, watermelon and candy bars) to place where the trail intersects with US 522 for other hikers passing by today (he even put my name as the provider), he bought me some great food including a rib-eye steak, and he brought me a pecan pie which I am doing my best to snarf this afternoon.

I am back on the trail tomorrow and hope to make to Harpers Ferry on Monday. I have to hike over the roller coaster (a 13.5 mile stretch of steep ups and downs) between here and WV.

God is faithful!


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8 thoughts on “Front Royal with Bruce Matson

  1. Kurtz

    Like to see your product placement with the Dayton Christian shirt! Enjoy the roller coaster by realizing that Cathy is on the other side. We are praying for you.

    • Go Warriors! The Roller Coaster was brutal but Cathy’s visit was indeed such a motivation to complete the climbs and hike toward WV. Thanks for all those prayers – God is faithful. “Each step I’m breathing in His grace; evermore I’m breathing out His praise.”

  2. Mark shaeffer

    Keep up the great work, man.

  3. janloyd

    What a delightful day! And a blessing for both of you! Wish we could meet you at Harpers Ferry! John & I used o go there when we lived in Falls Church VA. We biked 30 miles round trip from somewhere to there and back when I was 6 months pregnant with Jeremy. That was the last bike ride before J came along 🙂 Looking forward to your next post! PS John has been tracking you on a map for us 🙂

    • The hike into Harpers Ferry was delightful – I can image a beautiful bike-ride along the Potomac was great fun.

  4. It has been fun to catch up on your posts. Praise The Lord. It looks beautiful and I am glad to see you are doing well. Praying for you. We had a friend who came to know The Lord when he was hiking in the Grand Canyon. He sat to rest and was overcome by the beauty of it and knew there had to be a God that created it and at that moment God provided someone to come along and share the Gospel with him. He then went on to Bible school and to a foreign mission field. I know God is using you in a mighty way that you may never know the fruit. Enjoy your trip and stay safe!

    • It is hard to imagine that folks can miss God when they walk in the midst of His creation day after day (but they do). I have had some interesting talks with a few fellow hikers.

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