The Hike out of Front Royal

It has been a great morning to hike. I started around 6 am because I thought I might have to walk the 3.5 miles from Front Royal to the trail head. Some very nice people asked if I needed a ride just 0.4 mile through town.

I was greeted by two Doah deer on the early morning hike (photo) and I have enjoyed the trail a great deal today. Sometimes I just can’t believe I am really hiking the AT and experiencing this great adventure. The forest is simply fantastic.

Thanks to the trail club that maintains this portion of the trail a low marshy wet area was covered with a wooden planks. When one is wearing sandals this is no small blessing!

I hope to tackle the Roller Coaster tomorrow (13 + miles of steep inclines and declines) and the be on Almost Heaven, West Virginia on Monday! I am blogging from mile 978 so 1000 is close at hand (or maybe that should “close at foot”).



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6 thoughts on “The Hike out of Front Royal

  1. Ben

    awesome, Dad! You are doing amazing – excited for you to cross 1000 tomorrow!

  2. Matt Rohrer

    Hey Mr. Rough. I’ve been following your progress. My family just moved near Harper’s Ferry WV this year. Don’t know if it would work out, but I would love to say “hi” and buy you lunch (or whatever you need). Let me know when you might be coming through.
    Matt Rohrer

    • Matt – My wife, Cathy, came up to Harpers Ferry to spend the day with me. We needed the time alone – most likely the last visit until I return from Maine. Thank you for the invitation for lunch. I trust you understand my unavailability.

      • Matt Rohrer

        No worries. Glad you had the time with your wife. Hike on, my friend!

      • Thanks for understanding – Cathy and I had such a special time together. I would love to catch up sometime!

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