1000 Miles!

I had two major goals today. One was to sing Happy Birthday to my eldest son, Ben, at the 1000 mile marker. The other was to complete the Roller Coaster (13.5 miles of steep ascents and descents). The Roller Coaster was brutal – rocky, steep and slow going (it ended at mile 1003) but I made it.

It was a perfect day for hiking – sunny but fairly cool. I hope to make it to Harpers Ferry, WV tomorrow and officially say good-bye to Doah Virginia. Except for the Roller Coaster Doah was very enjoyable.




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6 thoughts on “1000 Miles!

  1. katjandu

    Congratulations Dave on your 1000 mile mark! That’s so wonderful!

    • Thanks for the encouragement! The 1000 mile marker was such an emotional encouragement – not much celebration on the trail but fireworks inside.God is faithful.

  2. Congratulations on reaching the 1000 mile point! Praying that the next thousand (and beyond) will be as safe and uplifting for you!

    • Thanks Todd. Your encouragement means a lot and your prayers are so important to my hike. God is faithful and has provided and protected in wonderful ways.

  3. les rose

    I meet you on the Roller Coaster with my two sons; we are local to the RC; when I first saw you coming up the hill at a sure but steady pace and noted your attire, I realized that we had a true “gentleman” thruhiker in our midst, a very rare sight indeed…. Thank you for taking the time to stop and talk with us and share your mission, goal and a few tips, very informative and much appreciated… awesome attitude and a pleasure to spend several minutes with…. go Rowdy and God bless you and all the hikers on the AT…

    • Les Rose- I have never had a complement on my attire before. My homeless appearance is usually not very impressive – thank you for these kind words. I so enjoyed talking with about my adventure. Thanks for checking out the blog and following my hike.

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