Beautiful Weverton Cliffs

Cat and I had a great visit in Harpers Ferry. It was very difficult to say goodbye. We walked together across the footbridge leading to Maryland. On the other side of the bridge I set my feet on Maryland soil and headed north toward Pennsylvania.

About four miles later I was on top of Weverton Cliffs looking back on the Potomac River. The climb was tough and the sun was hot but the view was beautiful.

I hope to make it to Washington Monument State Park ( mile 1039) before the day’s hike is over. If the heat calms down that is a realistic goal.



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6 thoughts on “Beautiful Weverton Cliffs

  1. I did Maryland in 2010, and Weverton Cliffs was my favorite part. What a view what a view! You are making some serious time, my friend. Enjoy!

  2. Steph

    Still reading! Can’t wait til you get to CT because I hiked most of that in June with a friend. 🙂 I wanted to leave you a note in one of the trail registers, but the one that would’ve worked (when we weren’t camping) was .5 miles off trail, so wasn’t likely you would stop there.

    • Steph – thanks for the thought – you’re right – anything more than 0.2 off the trail is probably not going to get my visit. A comment on the blog is almost as good!

  3. Beautiful view from up there. Climb the Washington Monument if you get a chance, the view is nice, and its chilly inside. High Rock Vista is coming up in the next day or two, it’s well worth the short side trail to take in the view (just ignore the graffiti).

    • I made it to the Monument. It had just rained but the view was still quite nice. Thanks for the tip on High Rock Vista.

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