Happy 4th of July from the AT

Yesterday (7/3) I passed the Mason/Dixon Line and enter PA. Today has been a wonderful day to hike. The rains from yesterday really cooled the air for today – the humidity was low and God sent some nice breezes to make me comfortable. Photo below shows some rocky trail – no adversity no adventure!

Great trail blessing today. I came up Old Forge Picnic Area hoping to find a vending machine. I asked a family at a shelter if there were any around. They said no but asked what I was looking for. The next thing I know I am joining them for their annual 4th of July family breakfast – eggs/muffins/bacon/potatoes (and two cans of Soda).

Later in the day I hiked to Caledonia State Park. They had a snack bar so I had a burger/fries/soda/ice cream. What a great day for real food. I am camped at a beautiful shelter at mile 1081 – looking forward to reaching the actual midpoint tomorrow!



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4 thoughts on “Happy 4th of July from the AT

  1. Marvin and Brenda Morris

    Happy 4th of July, Dave! Pray for your continued safety as you Hike!

  2. What a blessing to have the sweet family invite you for “real food!” I am so happy your trail is working out so well. Happy 4th of July in nature! I am so glad to see God blessing you with this journey. Keep up the great work!

    • Shelby – thanks for making such encouraging comments. I love reading the thoughts of others as I get opportunity on the trail.

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