A Cool Day on the AT

July 5

It was a special day today as well as being literally cool – the temperatures got down to the low 50s last night and were quite moderate all day. It made for great hiking.

Harpers Ferry is the traditional half way point of the AT but the literal midway point in miles is in Pine Grove Furnace State Park. I got there today (see photo of mile marker). I am now officially over half way home!

I am also camping tonight at a shelter at mile 1105.5 so I broke the 1100 mile maker (no picture – I guess the midway point was sufficient).

At Pine Grove there is a grocery store that holds the 1/2 gallon of ice cream challenge. I have been practicing for this challenge every chance I get. This morning the freezers stopped working so all the ice cream was soft – very soft – so I did not take the challenge (I had 2 hot dogs, french fries, and two sodas instead.

The AT has a museum at Pine Grove as well. It was nice but small (See photo of the outside of the museum). I enjoyed looking around at the videos and photographs concerning the trail.



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5 thoughts on “A Cool Day on the AT

  1. 1100 mile marker! Way to go!

    • Thanks for the encouragement! Every 100 miles is such goal for me. Thanks so much for following the journey.

      • It is wonderful to see your progress! I am impressed with your ability to find internet connection haha!

      • AT&T has gotten so much better north of the Mason-Dixon Line. I love being able to stay connected. How’s the horse back riding?

      • The horses are simply wonderful. Cody video taped me jumping today, and got some really neat still shots too. It was a blast! Keep up the trail spirit!

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