Mazes and Cornfield

July 6

I decided to stop in Boiling Springs, PA for the day. The hike into town was great – the weather was nice and the terrain was varied. It started out with rocky climbs and two rock mazes – leading the hiker through tight squeezes and up/over major rock formations. The photo below does not do it justice. The going was slow but it really was fun/challenging. No adversity – no adventure.

The last 2 miles into town opened up in a corn field. The contrast was striking. This afternoon I am relaxing and enjoying this great trail town.




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9 thoughts on “Mazes and Cornfield

  1. Greg Kurtz

    No adversity, no adventure. I am learning that vicariously through your words. Thanks for the lesson! G. Kurtz

    • Greg- just a recent thought – God has not called you to change the world, but He has called you to change the world of others. I like this because it focuses my eyes on the people around me.

  2. Sharon Raby

    Dave, as I was sitting on the beach today in southern FL, I started talking to a young lady who was sitting close by. Come to find out she was from none other but Boiling Springs!! Can’t wait to tell her about your adventures!

  3. A hearty congratulations on passing the halfway point! You are doing an amazing job and we are all very proud of you. Sounds like it has already been an unforgettable experience.

    Blessings and prayers for you as your adventures continue!

    • W. Dean Sellers

      I authored the previous comment, but for some reason it’s identifying me as the Daily Warrior…? :>)

      Actually, I think this title belongs to you Dave – as you daily represent our Lord and our institution as a trail warrior on the A.T.!


      • Dean – thanks for that challenging title. I am yielding to God’s grace in an attempt to reflect His transforming power. God is faithful.

    • Thanks Dean (Daily Warrior) for your inspiring words of encouragement.

  4. Princess Doah

    Boiling Springs is one of my favorite trail towns.
    I keep praying for you daily.
    I also love wolf rocks!
    NJ awaits you!

    • Princess – I could have spent a week in Boiling Springs Thanks for the prayers. PA is flat but the rocks are a challenge – looking forward to NJ. Hope you are well and hiking strong.

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