Pennsylvania – The Rugged State

July 8 – There was not much elevation change today but the challenge of tip toeing through the boulders in hot weather made today’s hike seem long. I have only put in 16.1 miles but I am stopping for the night – the next campsite is 8 more miles and I don’t think I am ready to walk that much more today.

I decided to take the half gallon challenge last night in Duncannon (see before and after photos) The Moose Tracks are gone and tasted great!

Coming out of Duncannon I crossed the Susquehanna River. After getting on top of the ridge to view back down on the River was quite lovely.

Pray – I discovered this afternoon that my strap on my backpack is ripping away from the pack itself. I called REI and they are sending a new to Point Clinton and it should arrive on Friday. Please pray the my current pack will stay in tacked during the next few days until I reach the town.




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7 thoughts on “Pennsylvania – The Rugged State

  1. janloyd

    Good for you on the ice cream…and PRAYING!

  2. Hey there! Praying for a secure strap until you get your new pack. And may I add that I am jealous as I would love a great reason to down half thay much Moose Tracks!! My all time favorite!

    • Mitzi – ice cream is so good. Moose Tracks is my favorite right now. This hike might be the only time in my life when I can eat that much ice cream and not feel guilty. I passed out my last card yesterday – what a great idea you had!

  3. Praying that your pack will hold out long enough…or perhaps that you will encoumter a trail angel with some duct tape (that stuff will fix anything) to patch it together until your replacement arrives!

  4. katjandu

    Wow that’s a lot of ice cream! Prayers for your making the backpack deadline. It will be interesting to hear the outcome and how REI meets that challenge too.

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