Sunny Day on PA

After a raining night God provided a beautiful day for hiking (July 10). I called Cathy this morning and she prayed that I would find inspiration and encouragement along the trail. I did not think they would come at the same place. I stopped at the William Penn Shelter and realized it was mile marker 1186 – that means I only have 1000 miles to go (the count down has begun). At the same shelter I encountered three young ladies (all rising Seniors in a local PA high school) out for a day hike. They were so sweet and engaged in beautiful conversation. They reminded me of why I am hiking the trail – to impact students just like them.

I asked if I could take their picture at a gorgeous overlook (see below). They were so encouraging to me – all three want to study science in college and all three were so polite and articulate. May God bless them.

Beside the overlook that my teen scientist showed me there were several others today (I attached one). The other attachment is just to show how narrow the trail can be at times – no chance of getting lost on this section).




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4 thoughts on “Sunny Day on PA

  1. J Rarick

    So who maintains the trail? Removes fallen branches, and keeps narrow sections like that from being overgrown with underbrush?

    Jon Rarick

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    • Jon – there are thousands of volunteers who help maintain the trail. The AT is divided up and various “clubs” help maintain their section. I have met several volunteers with their weed wackers and even chain saws clearing the trail.

  2. katjandu

    May God continue to guide you, send encouragement and bless you along this trail.

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